This website is dedicated to the Tipo 107 Quattroporte. Its centerpiece is the registry, listing 602 cars (of 762 produced). If you are able to contribute to the registry, your help will be highly appreciated. Please contact me: Thank you very much.

Gerhard Reinecke, London SW11.

About The Registry

In this registry, the description of every # starts usually with the year of manufacture. If it is followed by a question mark, the actual date of production appears to be different (e.g. at the registration office, sometimes cars were given earlier production dates for legal reasons). The year is followed by the country of first delivery. Again, if this is followed by a question mark, I mistrust the source. Next come colours and options, if known (AC/no AC for early cars, power steering, automatic gearbox, headrests, 4.7 litre, seatbelts, wire or magnesium wheels).

The fun in this whole chassis number hunting business (it‘s in fact as useless as trainspotting or many other similar things human beings are capable of doing) lies in the detective work which it involves. Even if we‘re not talking million-dollar 450 S or Birdcages. The hunting is similar. Sometimes you have to draw your own conclusions, solve conundrums...

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Maserati Quattroporte Tipo 107

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